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Military Admits ‘Errors’ in Civilian Bombing in Afghanistan, But Still Defends the Attacks and Warns of Greater Casualities

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3 Jun 09 | Rebel Reports and LAT

The attack in Farah province killed as many as 140 Afghan civilians. The U.S. military says errors were made, but insists the “targets” “posed legitimate threats to Afghan or American forces.”

The May 4 U.S. bombing in Farah Province in Afghanistan was reportedly the single worst aerial attack by U.S. forces since the 2001 invasion began. Afghan sources said as many as 130-140 civilians were killed. At the time, the New York Times reported the attack “could be the largest case of civilian casualties since an attack on the village of Azizabad in western Afghanistan last year, in which United Nations officials said there was convincing evidence that 90 civilians were killed.” Among the dead, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross were 13 members of the one family, including a worker for the Red Crescent. >>>

–Jeremy Scahill

McChrystal warns of greater casualties in Afghanistan

Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal tells a Senate committee that the strategy that worked in Iraq won’t translate to Afghanistan, and that greater cooperation with Pakistan is needed.

President Obama’s pick to lead U.S. forces in Afghanistan warned Tuesday that casualties are likely to increase as the military steps up its campaign against insurgents.

Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal also voiced skepticism that Taliban guerrillas could be persuaded to sever their ties with Al Qaeda; a similar strategy was crucial in McChrystal’s success as commander of special operations forces in Iraq. >>>



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3 June 2009 at 4:23 pm

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