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Jimmy Carter Against Obama’s Secrecy and Lack of Prosecution for Torture

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1 Jun 09 | Raw Story

Former president apparently lends support for “Truth Commission” on prisoner abuse, says torture a crime “against our Constitution”.

Former President Jimmy Carter, speaking to CNN on Monday, said he disagrees with President Barack Obama’s decision to withhold photos of prisoner abuse. He added that Obama appears to be resolved against resurrecting the past by punishing those in the Bush administration guilty of what Carter himself considers “crimes against our Constitution”

“I respect what his decisions are,” he told CNN’s Campbell Brown. “I don’t have the responsibility to deal with the consequences. But I think that most of his supporters were hoping he would be more open in the revelation of what we’ve done in the past.

“But, ah, he’s made a decision with which I really can’t contend, that he doesn’t want to resurrect the past. He doesn’t want to punish those that are guilty of perpetrating what I consider crimes against our own laws and against our constitution.”

Carter added that while releasing the images may cause “further animosity” toward the United States, the public knowledge that the photos simply exist already serves that cause, whereas instead of seeing them for what they are, the imagination can tend to fill in its own details. >>>

Waterboarding was ‘well done,’ Cheney says

On Iraq and 9/11: ‘That’s not something I made up’

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is usually very careful at choosing his words.

Perhaps not so today. In a speech Monday at the National Press Club, continuing along familiar themes of terrorism, Guantanamo and his hatred for The New York Times, Cheney spoke defensively of the administration’s practice of water-boarding detainees.

“I don’t believe we tortured,” Cheney remarked, noting that the interrogation techniques approved by the Bush administration were vetted by White House lawyers. They didn’t cross a “red line,” he said.

And then he delivered the whopper: “There were three people who were water-boarded…. It was well-done.”

The former vice president also made an odd comment about detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay.

He framed their detention as a choice between two options: either we imprison them, or we kill them. >>>



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