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Ex-Inmate Recalls Days of Abuse at Abu Ghraib

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21 May 09 | CNN (video)

  • Man says he was held naked in Abu Ghraib prison during 2003 abuse of inmates
  • He says he saw guards stack naked prisoners in a pile and take photos
  • The man also says he was held in an Iraqi jail where he was beaten, tortured
  • He has never been charged with a crime

Abu Ahmed says he was there: An Iraqi held prisoner [without charges] at Abu Ghraib by the American military when inmates were abused.

He says he was kept naked and saw other naked inmates stacked onto a pile while photos were taken, photos that would become public and bring shame to the United States.

The pain of the past few years is clearly etched on the man’s face and equally obvious as he talks. It began October 1, 2003, he says, when U.S. troops came to his home and detained him during a sweep of his neighborhood. >>>

h/t: Scott Horton



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21 May 2009 at 6:07 pm

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