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Bilderberg Slinking Spooks Guardian Journalist

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20 May 09 | PTV

Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton has spoken of the harassments dished out to him by both police and undercover spies in a Bilderberg conference in Greece.

Skelton detailed the constant harassment and stalking he has been forced to endure for daring to cover the 2009 Bilderberg meeting near Athens.

Bilderberg is a highly-secretive meeting where the most influential men and women of North America and Western Europe meet ostensibly to discuss policy. The group has spent years promoting a globalist agenda, according to reports from journalists who have penetrated the meeting.

The journalist warned of a horrendous future of spot checks, harassment, and subjugation if the population accepts ID cards and microchips.

He says the ID card turns the citizen into a suspect and would be “the end of everything”.

He noted that plans are also afoot to replace the ID card with an implantable microchip for greater efficiency and tracking of the population, a subject that was up for discussion at last year’s Bilderberg Group conference.

Skelton has filed a report explaining how he has been consistently followed around and spied upon by undercover police and government security officials during his time in Vouliagmeni, Greece.

“I came to make a few cracks about Bilderberg and ended up getting sledgehammered in the nuts.” Skelton writes, referring to the fact that his initial posts were written with a lighthearted and comical approach.

The situation quickly turned serious for Skelton however, once the secretive elite confab kicked off.

He has been arrested twice for attempting to take photographs close to the Astir Palace resort, inside of which 150 or so of the world’s most influential powerbrokers have been trading words and strategies for the past four days.

Skelton relates how he has been threatened by his stalkers and has even gotten into a scuffle with two of them.

“I have been stalked and harassed by Greek government security, I have hidden from them in stairwells, challenged them in the street, tried to arrest them, and been lied to by them.” Prisonplanet.com quoted him as writing.

Skelton describes how he has approached different police departments around the city to demand answers on why he is being hounded, and how he has even seen one of his stalkers inside a police department.

Despite also visiting the British embassy after fearing for his safety, Skelton has been completely stonewalled by the authorities.

He repeats the words spoken to him by a police captain in Athens:

“No, I don’t think you have a problem. They only follow you to see where you are going. I think they don’t want to harm you. And if they do want to harm you, I’d sooner they don’t do that in Athens.”

“They follow you from police station to police station. They know that you have informed police that you are threatened. They are more careful now.”

“My experience over the last several days in Greece has granted me a single, diamond-hard opinion,” writes Skelton, “That we must fight, fight, fight, now – right now, this second, with every cubic inch of our souls – to stop identity cards.”

Bilderberg 2009 was again marked by an almost universal media blackout of around 150 of the planet’s top powerbrokers meeting in secret to steer the future of the world. A G8 summit or a World Economic Forum would attract thousands of media stories and yet Bilderberg, despite its alluring cloak and dagger secrecy which would normally attract journalists seeking a scoop like a moth to a flame, was mentioned by a mere handful of corporate media outlets.

Not one U.S. news network dared touch the story.

Reports suggested that former Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama held a private meeting in Northern Virginia, the scene of the 2008 Bilderberg meeting.

Obama’s spokesman Robert Gibbs confirmed Clinton and Obama met but declined to inform the press of the location of the meeting. Hillary’s spokesman also declined to give the location of the rendezvous.

The reports noted that both Hillary and Obama are deeply tied into the Bilderberg elites. Bill Clinton attended the 1991 meeting in Germany shortly before becoming president and he attended again in 1999 when the conference was held in Sintra, Portugal (despite Clinton’s lie that he had not attended in 15 years).

Hillary herself was rumored to have attended the 2006 meeting in Ottawa, Canada.

Bilderberg luminary and top corporate elite James A. Johnson is said to have selected Democratic candidate Barack Obama’s running mate for the 2008 election.



Written by Editors

20 May 2009 at 4:35 pm

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  1. Been trying to find something Charlie Skelton has written since his experience in Greece. Cannot find anything by googling his name. How about you?

    Julie Sutton

    6 July 2009 at 5:09 pm

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