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Lies, Deceptions Hallmark of Sri Lanka War

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by Richard Dixon

18 May 09 | TamilNet

The real culprits behind Sri Lankan war.

Birds have now stopped singing in a land called Vanni. Sun, moon and the stars in the sky have hidden their faces. Angel of death flew over the skies of Vanni and took the lives of more than twenty five thousand innocent Tamil men, women and children in a single day.

Thousands of wounded are still crying out for help. They are bleeding to death on the streets. They have touched neither water nor food for days. Nobody has come to rescue them. Those who fight for the rights of the animals and those who preach about Buddha and Mahatma have no compassion for the dying Tamils.

Chinese weapons, Indian intelligence, Sinhala Armed personals and racist Sri Lankan leaders came together to perform one of the most cruel war that has cost the lives of many thousands innocents.

While thousands of innocent children and women are facing painful and slow death, Sinhala Buddhist extremists are celebrating victory with flags and fire crackers in the south of the country.

War that was started with hidden agendas of local and international forces, went on for months not just with the strength of the weapons but with well organised false propaganda done by the Sri Lankan officials.

This war was orchestrated and staged with lies and deceptions from the beginning till the end.

Sri Lankan leaders are still vomiting out worms of lies

Rulers of Sri Lanka are continuing to vomit out worms of lies to justify their atrocities against innocent lives. They started with “War on Terror” but changed the buzz word to “Humanitarian Operation” in order to deceive the international community. “War on Terror” was an accepted norm during the Bush era but lost it’s validity now. Therefore they had changed the name of the game to “Humanitarian operation” >>>



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18 May 2009 at 3:16 pm

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  3. […] Lies, Deceptions Hallmark of Sri Lanka War (18 May 09) […]

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