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Obama Warns Netanyahu Not to Launch Surprise Attack on Iran

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13-14 May 09 | AWC News and PTV

Just days before Netanyahu visit, U.S. sends urgent message.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit the United States next week, arriving May 18 to discuss a myriad of issues. Apparently uncomfortable with waiting a few more days to discuss the matter, President Barack Obama has sent a message demanding that Netanyahu not launch any surprising military attacks against Iran.

Israel has repeatedly threatened to attack Iran if the nation did not abandon its civilian nuclear program. Though Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman ruled out such an attack last month, the military has continued to conduct exercises in preparation for such a strike, and President Shimon Peres has said the nation won’t rule out any options against Iran. >>>

Kucinich: Talk to Iran before sanctions

U.S. lawmaker and former presidential contender Dennis Kucinich says the U.S. must try diplomacy in dealing with Iran before pushing for more sanctions.

The Ohio Congressman from the Democratic Party told Press TV that the U.S. has not the right to toughen sanctions on Iran before exhausting diplomatic ways. “I think it’s important to engage in diplomacy with Iran we haven’t tried it, why wouldn’t we try diplomacy before we take other steps,” he said.

The Obama administration seems to be pushing any deal with Iran to oblivion, as the State Department is following in the Bush administration’s footsteps.

The liberal-wing of the Democratic Party, however, is entirely opposing more sanctions on Iran or pushing for “a regime change” in the country.

Kucinich added the U.S. was going on with “a wrong policy” on Iran.

Rep. Brad Sherman, (D-CA) believes that the U.S. must slap more sanctions on Iran saying, “the time is ticking” for Iran’s nuclear program and more sanctions are required in dealing with the country.

While the U.S. says it is willing to change its approach towards Iran a group of lawmakers are pushing for a package of tougher sanctions which might include restrictions on selling gasoline to Iran.

Iran ‘will not hesitate to respond to threats’

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has declared that Iran will not hesitate to respond to the enemies’ threats.

“The great Iranian nation and the sovereign government of the Islamic Republic will not invade [any other countries] and at the same time they will not hesitate even a moment to respond to others’ threats,” Ayatollah Khamenei told a gathering of senior military officials in the Western province of Kurdestan on Wednesday.

The Leader added that “defending security and guaranteeing a peaceful life for people” are the main task of the armed forces of the country.

Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted the importance of the full readiness of the armed forces as a key factor that would preserve the dignity of the Iranian nation, IRNA reported.

The Leader arrived in the province’s capital city of Sanandaj on Tuesday.



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14 May 2009 at 11:13 am

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  1. […] Obama Warns Netanyahu Not to Launch Surprise Attack on Iran (14 May 09) […]

  2. […] Obama Warns Netanyahu Not to Launch Surprise Attack on Iran (14 May 09) […]

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