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Afghan Villagers Receive Reparations for U.S. Strike That Killed 140 Civilians Last Week

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12 May 09 | LAT

A government commission concluded that 140 civilians died, more than twice the figure cited by the United States.

Turbaned elders and weather-beaten farmers trekked to this provincial capital today to accept reparation payments from a government commission that concluded 140 civilians were killed in a fierce battle last week between Taliban fighters and coalition troops.

If the figure arrived at by the commission is correct, it would make last week’s fatalities in rural Farah province the worst single episode of civilian casualties since the U.S.-led invasion more than seven years ago.

“This was an accident, and we offer condolences,” provincial Gov. Rosul Amin told the somber, ragged assemblage of villagers. Relatives received about $2,000 for family members killed and $1,000 for those injured.

“It doesn’t make the pain in my heart go away,” said Abdul Farahi, a trucker whose brother and two nephews were killed in what villagers and international observers have said was U.S. bombardment in the village of Garani. “We all have to leave this earth, but this cannot be explained.” >>>



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12 May 2009 at 2:23 pm

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