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Forget Tea Parties. Bring a Pitchfork to a Shareholder Meeting.

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by Mark Lange

5 May 09 | CSM

If you want a revolution, hold corporate elites accountable.

President Obama is taking on unaccountable corporate elites this month. Why aren’t you? You probably own shares in these companies; your government doesn’t (at least not yet).

Those Tea Party people are right to rage. But they’re reenacting the wrong revolution. When Louis XV’s war debts drove France into bankruptcy, people chafed at taxation, yes – but also railed at an impaired financial system, high unemployment, scarce services for war veterans, conspicuous consumption, and public detachment on the part of an entitled elite. Sound familiar?

In 1789, heads rolled. Today, you’re getting rolled. >>>


Written by Editors

5 May 2009 at 5:30 pm

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