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Peres Threatens Iran With ‘Nuclear Response’; Ahmadinejad: West Controlled by Israel Lobby

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29/30 Apr 09 | PTV and AP

Israeli President Shimon Peres says the best way to deter Iran from continuing its nuclear program is to threaten it with a ‘nuclear response’.

He accused Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons, saying that a conventional military attack could not halt Tehran’s nuclear program.

“Simply attacking the nuclear facilities is not the be-all and end-all,” Peres told Israel’s Channel Ten on Wednesday.

“There are other options for the West, or the coalition that arises. The first thing is to tell the Iranians … ‘If you use a nuclear weapon — no matter against whom — you’ll get a nuclear response,” Reuters quoted Peres as saying.

“You can destroy the (uranium enrichment) centrifuges but you cannot destroy the knowledge about building centrifuges,” he said.

Israel, which is believed to be the only possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, has repeatedly accused Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons.

Iran, however, says its nuclear program is for civilian purposes.

U.S. Congress looks to bolster Iran sanctions

Congress is taking up a bipartisan proposal which would give the Obama administration more leverage over Iran by toughening economic sanctions on foreign oil and shipping firms that aid Tehran.

A group of Democrats and Republicans introduced legislation Tuesday that would give the president expanded authority to crack down on companies that export gasoline and other refined petroleum products to Iran.

The Senate bill is expected to pass because it has broad support from both Republicans and Democrats and is not opposed by the White House. A similar bill is expected to be introduced in the House.

Administration officials have signaled they would not block the proposal despite recent U.S. overtures to Iran. President Barack Obama and senior U.S. diplomats have directly appealed for Iran to cooperate in talks over the country’s feared nuclear buildup. >>>

Iran: Westerners have no say on Israel

Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticizes the West’s political arena which is dominated by Israeli lobbies with Zionist tendencies.

“In a liberal democracy, individuals and political parties take advantage of the inclinations of certain groups to the point that you see the president of a vast country succumb to the wishes of a Zionist, aggressive and murderous minority,” said Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Addressing a large crowd who had gathered to hear his speech in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz on Wednesday, the president added that people had ‘no real say’ in the West as power was locked into a cycle among the same two or three parties.

Ahmadinejad’s comments seemed to be more directed at the United States where, between them, the Republican and Democratic parties have shared power since 1853.

“In close contact with the people of these countries, you find that what they say is different [from what the parties’ say.] For example, they hate and oppose the Zionist regime, while their governments are totally at its service,” he said.

According a 2006 article published by The Washington Post, pro-Israel interests contributed USD 56.8 million in individual, group and soft money donations to federal candidates and party committees between 1990 and 2006.

However, in their famous book, The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, political experts and authors John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt write that in the same period, Arab-Americans and Muslim PACs contributed slightly less than USD 800,000.

Majority of Americans want Iran ties

A new poll carried out in the United States has unveiled that a majority of Americans favor improved ties with Iran.

The poll conducted by The New York Times shows that Americans support the US President, Barack Obama’s, overtures to Tehran, with 53 percent of them favoring establishing diplomatic relations with Tehran.

Obama has called for direct engagement with Iran as part of efforts to end the West’s standoff with Tehran over its nuclear program.

Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has welcomed the goodwill gesture by the new US administration but has urged Washington to make real changes in its foreign policy rather than just paying lip service.

This is while the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, recently declared that Washington has not added or removed any conditions for its talks with Tehran, compared to that of the Bush administration, hinting that the US still wants Tehran to suspend its nuclear enrichment program before any talks.

Iran has said that it will not accept such a precondition.

New commander vows boosting Iran’s might

A new commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has vowed strong commitment to enhancing Iran’s military might even further.

“Guaranteeing Iran’s full readiness to counter any threat is the duty of all [IRGC] commanders and ranks,” Brig. Gen. Mohammad Pakpour said.

Pakpour was named Commander of the IRGC Ground Force in a ceremony in Tehran on Wednesday. Pakpour replaced Brig. Gen. Mohammad-Jaafar Asadi.

Pakpour has held several key posts in the IRGC key divisions.



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  1. USA and Israel: Stable Middle East

    How do we categorize the fighters of the wars of 1775-1783, the wars of American Independence? The forces from the 13 colonies assembled and fought an asymmetric war against the organized forces of England. When the members of these American forces were captured by the English forces, often they were killed and labeled as terrorists.

    How do we label the defense-liberation forces of Lebanon and Palestine? Do we call these terrorists because they have been fighting those who have occupied their land, killed their families and children? As Americans would we fight for the defense of our homeland? Those who help the people of Palestine and Lebanon are called the sponsors of terrorists. France helped our forces to fight the British forces. Were French sponsoring the American terrorists?

    The success or failure of the administration of President Obama with Israel would determine the nature of future stability for the Middle East. Any rational and humanistic resolution of Palestinian dilemma has been non-starter with Israel. The problems of Palestinian subjugation to Israel occupation are the seeds for an unstable world including the Middle East.

    The Palestinian issue, over 40 years of baffling by Israel throwing one excuse after another to derail any prospect, is independent of any other world concern for the US administration. Secretary of State Clinton should not allow Israel to dictate the foreign policy of the United States. USA can’t afford war after war to support failed attempts to stabilize the region. Palestinians have paid a high price for failed attempts to consider the human side of the Palestinians struggle for peaceful life.

    The problem of Iranian nuclear fuel cycle is just a diversion from the real problems in the Middle East, the problem is a humanistic resolution of Palestinian dilemma.


    2 May 2009 at 4:42 pm

  2. […] Peres Threatens Iran With ‘Nuclear Response’; Ahmadinejad: West Controlled by Israel Lobby (30 Apr 09) […]

  3. […] Peres Threatens Iran With ‘Nuclear Response’; Ahmadinejad: West Controlled by Israel Lobby (30 Apr 09) […]

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