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W.H.O.: Prepare for Flu Pandemic

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28 Apr 09 | AJE and VOA News

The evolution of the swine flu virus into a pandemic is not inevitable but countries should prepare for the worst, the World Health Organisation has said.

Mexico remains the epicentre of the crisis, with 26 confirmed deaths.

At least 123 more were suspected to have died and around 2,000 suspected to have fallen ill from the flu, health authorities said.

“Countries should take the opportunity to prepare for a pandemic,” Keiji Fukuda, acting assistant director-general of the Geneva-based WHO, said on Tuesday. >>>

Researchers Race to Develop Swine Flu Vaccine

As public health officials around the world try to contain the spread of the swine flu, scientists are working overtime to develop a vaccine against this new strain of the virus.

According to molecular biologist Andrew Pekosz of The Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, little is known about the H1N1 swine flu virus that has emerged in several countries. The speed of the swine flu expansion from country to country has caused alarm that the disease could become an international pandemic. >>>


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28 April 2009 at 11:17 pm

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