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Fatal Swine Flu Outbreak Raises Global Fears

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27 Apr 09 | FT and NYT

Governments and health authorities worldwide went on the alert over the weekend for a possible influenza pandemic as the death toll from a new strain of swine flu in Mexico reached 81.

Janet Napolitano, homeland security secretary, yesterday declared a “public health emergency” in the US as about 20 people there were confirmed to have been infected, though none is seriously ill. The World Health Organisation in Geneva had earlier made a similar announcement.

The World Bank yesterday agreed to Mexico’s request to release emergency credit of more than $200m (£136m) to fund its swine flu programmes. >>>

Hong Kong, minding SARS, announces tough measures

Hong Kong, the epicenter of a SARS outbreak six years ago, announced some of the toughest measures anywhere on Sunday in response to a swine flu outbreak in Mexico and the United States….

The new policy has the potential to dampen air travel across the Pacific. Hong Kong has Asia’s busiest airport hub for international travel, with Boeing 747s arriving around the clock from cities all over the United States and Canada, though not from Mexico.

Ever since the 2003 outbreak of SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, Hong Kong has used infrared scanners to measure the facial temperatures of all arrivals at its airport and at its border crossings with mainland China. >>>


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26 April 2009 at 11:45 pm

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