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U.S. Military Agency: Harsh Interrogation Methods are ‘Torture’ and ‘Unreliable’

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25 Apr 09 | Raw Story and AWC News

The US military agency which runs the Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) program — from which the enhanced interrogation techniques used on detainees were derived — warned as early as July 2002 that those techniques constituted “torture” and would produce “unreliable information.”

The SERE program was designed to teach US service personnel how to resist various forms of physical abuse designed to elicit false confessions in case of capture, but it was never intended to be a reliable model for effective interrogation.

Experts on the program, such as former military interrogator and SERE instructor Colonel Steven Kleinman, have been speaking out recently about “the difference between a model that would train people to resist harsh interrogation … and intelligence interrogation which is designed to elicit cooperation.” >>>

CIA: No proof torture stopped terror attacks

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has requested the release of two CIA reports which he claims will strengthen his assertions that the torture of detainees helped thwart terrorist plots, but already released memos from the CIA inspector general point out that there was no conclusive proof that the harsh interrogation tactics helped the Bush Administration thwart any “specific imminent attacks.” >>>


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25 April 2009 at 6:05 pm

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