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Moldova’s ‘Twitter Revolutionary’ Speaks Out

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25 Apr 09 | BBC

The Moldovan capital, Chisinau, was rocked by protests earlier this month amid claims that an election which returned the Communist Party to power was rigged.

The BBC’s Oana Lungescu spoke to Natalia Morar, the journalist accused of masterminding Moldova’s “Twitter revolution” – so dubbed because many demonstrators were alerted to the protests by text and social networking tools.

Natalia Morar, 25, smiled broadly when I met her on Friday night in a park in central Chisinau.

“I never felt that just a walk in the park could be such a big happiness,” she told me. “It feels great!”

Just hours before, she had been under house arrest. For the previous 10 days she had had no access to internet and was not allowed to talk on the phone.

“It was really terrible because I was absolutely cut off from all sources to find out what happened to my friends, who were with me in the street.”

Officially charged with helping organise mass disturbances, she faces 15 years in prison, but strongly denies any involvement in the violence. >>>

THE WIRE: Coverage of Moldova Protests on The Wire

THE BLOG: Moldova’s ‘Twitter Revolution’: Made in America? (09 Apr 09)


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25 April 2009 at 5:50 pm

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