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The Danger of an Israeli Strike on Iran

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by Walt Rodgers

24 Apr 09 | CSM

The U.S. needs to make it clear it will not tolerate a first strike.

The new Israeli prime minister recently appeared to give President Obama a blunt ultimatum: Stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons – or we will.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s challenge (intimated in an interview he gave to The Atlantic magazine) smacks of unrealistic bravado and, worse, it appears to be a crude attempt to bully an American president into bombing Iran’s nuclear installations.

The world should hope it’s a hollow threat.

The consequences of a unilateral Israeli strike would be enormous if not disastrous. Mr. Obama cannot allow himself to be intimidated by Mr. Netanyahu, nor can he wink if the Israeli air force bombs Iran’s nuclear facilities. >>>


Written by Editors

24 April 2009 at 6:36 pm

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