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Chomsky: Nuclear Energy Not for Non-Allied Iran

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21 Apr 09 | PTV

Prominent sociopolitical analyst Noam Chomsky says the White House opposes the idea of a nuclear Iran only because it is not “an ally”.

In an interview published on the Foreign Policy Journal, Chomsky touched on the issue of the double standard approach adopted by the United States toward Iran and Israel’s nuclear capacities.

The American analyst said the basic point of Washington’s argument was “explained very candidly” by former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger.

When asked why he now claims that Iran does not need nuclear energy so it must be working on building a bomb, while in the 1970s he insisted forcefully that Iran needed nuclear energy and the US must provide the Shah with the means to develop it, Kissinger answered, “They were an allied country.”

“Now they are not an ally, so they do not need nuclear energy. As for Israel, it is an ally, more accurately a client state. So they inherit from the master the right to do as they please,” Chomsky added.

He said that while the IAEA has the authority to probe into the case of Israel’s nuclear arsenal, the US would never permit them to exercise such authority.

Chomsky also went on to explain the role of the US media in propping up the administration’s Iran policies through their refusal to publicize the American public opinion regarding Iran’s nuclear activities.

“The large majority of Americans believe that Iran has the right to develop nuclear energy. But almost no one in the US is aware of this… Nothing is ever published about it,” said the Pulitzer-Prize winning author.

“What appears in the media, constantly, is that the ‘international community’ demands that Iran stop uranium enrichment. Almost nowhere is it brought out that the term ‘international community’ is used conventionally to refer to Washington and whoever happens to go along with it, not just on this issue, but quite generally,” he added.

Read this full interview with Prof. Noam Chomsky on The Blog.


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21 April 2009 at 11:51 am

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