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Moldova Police Face Brutality Allegations

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20 Apr 09 | BBC

The BBC has seen evidence of widespread police brutality in Moldova, following the disputed parliamentary election on 5 April. The BBC’s Gabriel Gatehouse has been hearing people’s stories.

The Communist authorities made hundreds of arrests after protestors stormed public buildings in the capital Chisinau, demonstrating against what they said were rigged results.

Those who have been released tell of severe beatings in custody, and there are reports that three may have died as a result of the abuse.

At a graveside in the town of Soroca in northern Moldova, men are shovelling freshly dug earth on top of a coffin. Women are holding flowers.

Occasionally one of the mourners approaches another and breaks of a piece of bread from a circular loaf.

It is Orthodox Easter weekend, but these mourners are here to bury Eugen Tapu. His family believe he died as a result of police brutality.

“I don’t believe what the police told us,” Eugen’s father says later at the wake, walking between the tables with a fixed expression, pouring wine for the mourners.

“They killed him, that’s for sure, and they must answer for what they’ve done.” >>>

Coverage of Moldova Protests on The Wire


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19 April 2009 at 11:29 pm

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