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Israeli Protestors Slam ‘Murderer’ Barak

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19 Apr 09 | PTV

Israelis have staged a rally to protest against the killing of a Palestinian who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank.

Hundreds of demonstrators took to Tel Aviv streets on Saturday to condemn the Israeli soldiers’ shooting at the Palestinian man who was participating in a rally to protest against the construction of a separation wall.

The protest in the West Bank village of Bil’in condemned the construction of the 723 km wall which passes through the nearby village of Ni’lin. The barrier encroaches upon vast expanses of the Palestinian land under the pretext of “protecting” Israeli settlers.

Israeli protestors who had gathered in front of the Israeli Defense Ministry said that they will continue to protests against the construction of the fence, ynetnews website reported.

The Israeli protestors carried signs that read “Democracy isn’t built on the bodies of demonstrators” and “Mr. Defense Minister [Ehud Barak], how many children did you murder today?”

“We intend to continue protesting both here and in the territories, and to continue to object to the policy of robbing land…we plan to continue supporting Palestinian resistance,” Yonatan Pollack, an Israeli activist said.

A Tel Aviv University student Basama Fahoum said that the death of Abu-Rahma is “outrageous because it’s simply inhumane.”

“A person attends a non-violent protest and is met by such disproportional response…It makes no sense,” she added.

Israeli forces earlier claimed that Bassam Ibrahim, 31, was killed as a result of “violent demonstration”, but video footage revealed later showed the man rolling in his blood pouring out of the gun-inflicted wounds without having thrown anything at the soldiers.


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19 April 2009 at 7:48 pm

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