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Axelrod Comment That Tea Parties are ‘Unhealthy’ Stokes Militia Fears

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by Mark Sappenfield

19 Apr 09 | CSM

The comments could add to conservative Americans’ sense that they are being either ignored or besieged but not heard.

The nationwide angst about – and within – the so-called “tea party” movement continues to gather pace.

On the Sunday morning talk show, “Face the Nation,” a senior adviser to President Obama, David Axelrod, said the tea parties organized April 15 to protest massive government spending could “mutate into something that’s unhealthy.”

The comment was immediately decried by elements of the blogosphere as an attempt to tar tea parties by inference – hinting that they are breeding grounds for the kind of antigovernment activity that led to the Oklahoma City bombings. >>>



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19 April 2009 at 11:13 pm

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  1. Militia fears? Talk about fear mongering! I’m in the militia in Virginia (click on my name), and the only people who would have anything to fear from the militias are those who would be our masters. Seeing things like that make me wonder if these people have ever met anyone in the militia, or do they just absorb what the mainstream media regurgitate to us without question from SPLC and ADL press releases?

    How many of you believe that Timothy McVeigh was in a militia or had militia connections? If you do, that’s not surprising considering that the SPLC, the ADL, and the mainstream media all report continually that there was such a connection despite knowing that no such connection existed. McVeigh attended one militia meeting in Michigan and was kicked out because he started talking about attacking the government.

    The politicians and organizations that say such things about the TEA Parties and the militia require people to be fearful in order to remain in power or to generate the funding necessary to continue their jobs.

    Please, for your own sake, contact a militia unit near you at http://www.awrm.org and ask them if they’d be willing to sit down with you to answer your questions about the militia.

    The Matrix has you.



    21 April 2009 at 7:25 am

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