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North Korea Lashes Out at UN Rebuke

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15 Apr 09 | AJE and FT

Pak Tok-hun, North Korea’s ambassador to the UN has told Al Jazeera that North Korea will take “strong measures” in response to the UN statement condemning its recent rocket launch (2:10):

North Korea has accused the UN of double standards and declared that it will restart its nuclear activities after the world body condemned Pyongyang’s rocket launch last week.

In a series of responses on Tuesday, the North rejected the UN statement, pulled out of six-party denuclearisation talks, expelled inspectors and declared that it would restart all its nuclear facilities.

Pak Tok Hun, the North Korean ambassador to the United Nations, told Al Jazeera that the UN was not being fair.

“There are lot of countries that launched their satellite in the last few years including the United States and Japan – which launched satellites more than 100 times – but this was not dealt with by the security council.

“Why does the Security Council deal with the issue in the case of my country? This is selectivity, double standards, it’s not fair. We cannot accept that, we made it clear,” he said, warning that Pyongyang would respond by taking the “appropriate strong measures”. >>>

UN works on targeted North Korea sanctions

United Nations ambassadors sat down on Wednesday to work on a list of targeted sanctions to deploy against a defiant North Korea, buoyed by what they saw as a new spirit of compromise in the Security Council.

A decision this week by the 15-member council unanimously to condemn Pyongyang’s April 5 rocket launch and to strengthen an existing sanctions regime marked a departure from the wrangling and stalemate that characterised many of its deliberations during the Bush administration.

For once, all sides backed down from their initial positions, paving the way for a unified response. >>>


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15 April 2009 at 11:51 pm

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