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All He Did was Kill an Arab

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by Nehemia Shtrasler

10 Apr 09 | Ha’ aretz

Julian Soufir wants to be let out. He doesn’t even understand why he’s being kept at the Abarbanel Mental Hospital. He says he’s recovered and feels fine. His doctors say he has made progress and should be released in a few months. But he already wants to be put in less restrictive conditions and immediately afterward be granted parole. After all, Passover is the holiday of freedom and all he did was kill an Arab.

In May 2007 Soufir decided to murder an Arab. He hated them with all his being. He hated how joyful and passionate they were about Friday prayers at the Dome of the Rock, the same place as our Temple Mount.

Soufir immigrated from France and served in the Israel Defense Forces. He passed the army medical examinations without showing any indications of mental illness. But after a short time in the military he started saying he wanted to kill Arabs and therefore was released. Shortly before the murder he threatened to kill his wife and was sent for observation at Abarbanel, but he was given a clean bill of health and released. >>>


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10 April 2009 at 6:04 am

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