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Moldova Riots as Protesters Demand New Vote

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8 Apr 09 | RT

Protesters in Moldova are vowing to continue rioting if the government does not call a new parliamentary vote (3:55):

Political trade-offs about the results of the Moldovan election, along with Tuesdays protests, can lead to significant changes in the republics balance of power, says political analyst Aleksandr Fomenko (3:29):

More protests on Wednesday

In Moldova, opposition leaders say they’ll stage protests on a larger scale on Wednesday over the results of the recent election (6:25):

Pres. Voronin blames Romania

The Moldovan president said Romanian influence was behind Tuesdays riots in the capital of Chisinau. The Romanian ambassador was expelled from Moldova (3:11):

Relation to financial crisis

Those taking part in Moldovan protests are mainly migrant workers who had to return home amid the financial crisis, believes political analyst Kirill Koktysh (2:03):

Its not only political reasons that are behind Moldovan protests, says Boris Kagarlitsky Moscow’s Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (3:51):



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8 April 2009 at 8:24 pm

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