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Eyewitnesses: Moldova Protests

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8 Apr 09 | BBC

Thousands of young protesters ransacked the parliament building in Chisinau on Tuesday, in protest at the results of Sunday’s election.

International observers said the vote appeared to have been fair, but demonstrators accused the authorities of rigging the election, which gave the ruling Communists about 50% of the vote.

Here, three Chisinau residents describe what happened at the protests and discuss whether they are good for their country. >>>


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8 April 2009 at 8:58 am

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  1. […] Eyewitnesses: Moldova Protests (8 Apr 09) […]

    • Hello. I grew up in Moldova, Kishinev. Bloody “Perestroika” happened, then I was a college kid. I was a student in martial arts. during demonstrations my marshal arts teacher was approached. He was given $10 dollars to attend the demonstration. Plus $5 dollars to each student to attend demonstration. We were told, what lozungs to yell, and whom to make handycupped. Our teacher refused. Criminals were let loose and drugged.
      And giving agenda-go to streets and do what they please with Russian-speaking public. A lot of villagers were brought into city, given several Pahars De Vin(drunk with vine), and instructed to bit up, all, who doesn’t speak Moldavian(aka Romanian), or have a Russian accent. All leaders of “Narodniy front” now have castles and huge houses in Romania. Don’t trust me, check it out Sherlocks. I only give you facts. Moldovans, who came to study in Romanian Universities, were treated like dirt. Called “Those Bulls” or “Those Stupid Bassarabians”. Don’t take me wrong, I’ll be the first one to want to be closer to people, who have similar to us historic heritage, speak the same language, but… I don’t want social abuse again. No, I don’t want Moldova to become a part of KGB corrupted Russia. Also i don’t want Moldovans to believe, that Romanians have their best interest in mind. Yes, communists won. What was the alternative? Filat, who stole all he could, while being mayor of Kishinev( check the information Sherlocks and see if I am lying). Or sir Gimpu? Seriously guys. You need to have your, Moldovans interest. You are young, you are smart, you are strong. You are Christians, for God Sake! Want a new nation? Be a new nation! Want a new order? Be that new order. Nobody stops you, nobody. Trust me. You have a candidate you can trust? I wonder. Nobody will bring you anything on a golden platter. Not Russian communists, not Romanians Nazis. What ever you need and want in this life is already yours. Don’t want to have funny salary? Start your own business, take power in your hands. Among young college kids were groups of 25-35 years old men, wearing army boots and masks. All you, eyewitnesses, were you blind on one eye, that you didn’t see those folks? Yes, those, who were hiding behind your 14-20 years old backs. Who were throwing stones at the police officers and killing them. Those police officers, who just graduated from academy are Moldovans too, just like you. If you didn’t notice. Went blind on one eye again, I suppose? Do you, know, how many police officers were killed? Do you, really? I don’t think so. Bad president Voronin gave order not to shoot. That’s why you were so brave, a? O, you are Heroes, yes! Also heroes a those military trained men, who were hiding among you. And you, so “conveniently” didn’t notice them? Are you for real? Government and Parliament buildings started on fire at the same time.
      Sorry, but you kids couldn’t do it. Don’t take a credit for it. It was done by professionals. I understand, you were tired and it was “kid’s time” to go to bed. While you were having dreams, all computers were taken from buildings and all the information was gathered. Or, you ask me: – What information? Of course, information of First, last names and addresses of voters. Or, what did you say?
      To count votes, no kids. To gather information of Moldavans, just like you, but hey, if you are not 100% Moldovan, watch your back. You are going to get killed. That’s what your Big Romanian Brother wants you to do. Ay, Moldovan, is it what you want to do?
      Romanian Nazis are no better, than Russian Commies.
      Common, be a Moldovan! be a Christian! be smart! Don’t let anybody full you into believing, that they have your best interest in heart! They don’t, but you do! Stop blaming your parents and grandparents! Fine, they don’t know any better! Do you? If you do, prove it! Prove it to them! Prove it to yourself! Don’t spill blood! Have a new start with blessing from God, not curse.
      P.S. Ask your parents about Romanians, they will gladly tell you. If they won’t, I will. I am your grand, grand father. Beginning of XX century, Romania, Bucharest. I am going down the street. Beautiful day. It’s warm, birds are singing. All of the sudden I hear horse huffs. A Police Gendarme on the horse. I start running. I wasn’t fast enough. His whip lashed, my eye came running out. The lid end of the whip crushed my eye. Don’t ask me, sun. I don’t want to talk about it.
      Let me continue. I am your mother.
      Romania, Bucharest, World War II. German Nazis are very pleased with their Romanian Gestapo officers.
      Romanian Gyducks are the best Gestapo workers in the world. Some German officers are concerned.-You know, these Romanians, they are too much. Nazis, who made books out of kids skin and were enjoying friendly campfire of millions, burned alive. Those monsters think, that Romanians are too cruel…
      Don’t ask me son, I got a terrible headache. I am even afraid to think, what Romanian Gestapo was doing.
      America, 80-s. Excuse me sir, can I talk to you for a minute? See, me and my husband want to adapt a baby. A beautiful,healthy, Romanian baby. What do you think? Is it a good idea?
      Um, excuse me, sir Moldovan. I am psychologist. Do you know about tragedy of American couples who adapted Romanian babes? You don’t, how strange. See, these babes were new-born, then their parents were killed by Chaushesku. They weren’t held. Yes, that’s right. You heard me right. When their parents were trying to hug them, kids would tart to scream, bite and get hysterical. Yes, they couldn’t bare to be touched. Why? They weren’t hugged, when they were very little. Yes, they grow up. In school they didn’t
      make any friends, they couldn’t love. They hate to be
      touched. They can kill you, If they don’t like. They have no human emotions. Their adaptive parents wanted to send the kids back. it was to late. They have a name. They called sociopaths. Why I am telling you that? Don’t start the war, Moldovan. Don’t leave babies without their parents.
      It’s my turn, it’s my turn! Common daddy! Don’t you recognize me? I am your daughter. I just have one question for you father. What world are you going to bring me in? Can I have a happy, joyful one? Please, dad.
      O, Moldovan. All those voices. What do they want form you? It’s a tough call Moldovan. It’s your call Moldovan! Be Moldovan! Be proud to be Moldovan. All this beautiful country in your hands, Moldovan.
      What are you going to do?
      The power is in your hands, Moldovan! What are you planning to do with your country, Moldovan?
      Will you bring your kids in a peaceful place, full of
      Will your kids hear the Doyna of hills and flowers?
      Will your people be happy and smiling again?
      Will we see them singing and dancing again?

      Liz Forest

      9 April 2009 at 8:39 pm

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