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US Gleeful Over ‘Harming Iran’s Economy’

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6 Apr 09 | PTV

The US claims sanctions against Tehran have managed to harm Iran’s economy adding that Washington is open to more ‘possible future measures’.

“The sanctions that have been imposed by the United Nations and implemented by the United States and others have had some significant effect on the trade and the banking and the financial sector inside of Iran,” Rice told ABC news in a Sunday interview.

“…And we certainly remain open to consideration of possible future measures,” she added.

Rice did not comment on the fact that during the Bush administration, sanctions had failed to produce the United States’ desired outcome, which was to compel Iran to forgo its nuclear program.

“The aim here, though, is to marshal all of the resources at our disposal, diplomatic, economic, and other to try to make this choice as clear as possible to Iran, to give them a path to end their nuclear — illicit nuclear weapons program,” she said.

With those words President Barack Obama’s newly appointed envoy went even further than Bush era hawks to claim that Iran actually has a nuclear weapons program, a notion which was clearly rejected in a 2007 NIE report.

Failing to recognize the significance of the National Intelligence Estimate, which was gathered by the 16 US agencies, Rice backed allegations made by Israel about Iran pursuing a military nuclear capability.

“We share Israel’s very grave concern about the threat that Iran’s illicit nuclear weapons program poses, not only to Israel and the other countries in the region, but indeed to US national security,” she said.

The UN envoy renewed past threats of military action against Iran by saying that Washington has ‘not ruled out any options’.

Rice’s comments were in keeping with Obama’s Sunday remarks which dashed faint hopes of the new US administration following a changed policy toward Iran.

Obama took a harsh tone against Iran and its missile program ruling out recent media reports that Washington may reconsider a Bush-era bid to deploy a controversial missile shield in Eastern Europe.

“As long as the threat from Iran persists, we will go forward with the missile system,” Obama said in a speech in Prague.

This is while Tehran continues to cooperate with the UN nuclear watchdog, as agreed to by all nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) signatories, to prove that its atomic work is entirely peaceful.


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6 April 2009 at 1:43 pm

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