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‘No Foreign Troops Will Be Allowed in Pakistan’

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6 Apr 09 | PTV

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi says Islamabad will block any decision by the US to conduct operations inside its territories.

Qureshi on Sunday told reporters in the Pakistani city of Multan that during his recent visit to Washington, he had conveyed clearly to US officials that NATO forces will not be allowed to conduct operation in Pakistan.

“We are a sovereign country and a self-esteemed nation of 180 million people,” Qureshi said, adding that “It is not acceptable for Pakistan and they have understood our point of view and accepted it.”

Qureshi’s remarks come after US President Barack Obama put Pakistan, along with Afghanistan in his new war plan against militants in the troubled region. Obama has said the US is determined to defeat al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The US and its allied forces stationed in Afghanistan have frequently violated Pakistani air space. The tribal regions along the shared border between Pakistan and Afghanistan have become a usual target of US drone attacks — which are in most cases acknowledged by Washington.

Over 500 people have been killed in such attacks, which started under the Bush administration.

Islamabad has repeatedly condemned the strikes, saying that they threaten the country’s sovereignty and fuel public anger.

Some reports also indicate that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been conducting secret operations to target al-Qaeda’s senior leaders in Pakistan’s tribal belt areas bordering Afghanistan.


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6 April 2009 at 2:30 am

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