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Chavez: Don’t Blow Winds of War on Korea

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6 Apr 09 | PTV

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has cautioned against blowing winds of war on North Korea over its efforts to put a satellite in orbit.

“With a lack of information and even with contradictory information … I prefer to have a large measure of prudence,” Chavez told a Venezuelan TV station from Tokyo on Sunday.

“As the Russian government has said, a lot of prudence and evaluation to avoid the winds of war,” he said during his visit to Japan.

Seoul, Tokyo, and Washington, who insisted Pyongyang was actually testing a long-range missile, strongly condemned the North Korean move while Beijing and Moscow urging calm and restraint after the launch.

Pyongyang announced on Sunday that its communication satellite had successfully been put into orbit while South Korea and the US said that no North Korean satellite could reach orbit.

Meanwhile, US-led efforts to pass another resolution against Pyongyang foundered as ten out of the fifteen UNSC members were opposed to any measure which would “increase tensions” in the region.

After Pyongyang carried out a nuclear test in 2006, UNSC Resolution 1718 had imposed sanctions on military goods and luxury products to North Korea and warned it not to carry out any further nuclear or ballistic missile tests.

The United States and its allies say there should be a new UN resolution against Pyongyang.

US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice said, “It is our view that this action merits a clear and strong response from the United Nations Security Council.”

“We will be embarked on additional consultations with partners in the Security Council as well as allies and concerned parties outside of the Security Council towards obtaining that kind of outcome,” she added.


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6 April 2009 at 3:10 am

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