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Obama Gives Advice for Resolving Iran Issue

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3 Apr 09 | PTV

The US president says Iran’s sovereignty should remain intact while warning Tehran against promoting a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

Addressing a joint news conference with his French counterpart Nicholas Sarkozy on Friday, Obama said that all European countries, including Russia, have a stake in preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

Iran says its nuclear program is directed at acquiring the civilian applications of the technology. The US, Israel and their allies — including Britain, France and Germany –, however, accuse the country of seeking nuclear weaponry.

The administration of President Obama has tried to distinguish itself from the Bush-era policy on Iran, which sought to advocate a regime change in the Islamic Republic while demonizing the Middle Eastern country in the international community.

In recent weeks, the Obama White House has tried to offer an olive branch to Iran and repair strained ties of nearly three decades.

President Obama in a Nowruz (the Persian New Year) message said he was after a “new beginning” with the Tehran government.

The offer was well-received around the globe. Tehran, meanwhile, said it would only consider the promise after seeing practical change in US policies.

In the Friday press conference, Obama said while addressing the Iranian challenge, the international community should acknowledge Iran’s “sovereignty”.

“[But] there should be a mechanism that respects Iran’s sovereignty and allows them to develop peaceful nuclear energy but draws a clear line that we can not have nuclear arms race in the Middle East,” he said.

His remarks come as Israeli officials continue to threaten to take out Iranian nuclear infrastructure militarily under a claim that Tehran and its program pose a threat to the existence of Tel Aviv.


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