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UNSC May Convene Amid North Korea War Threats

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2 Apr 09 | PTV

Tokyo says it will call an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council if North Korea goes ahead with its controversial rocket launch.

Japanese UN envoy Yukio Takasu said on Thursday that the session could take place to discuss a possible response should North Korea go ahead with its planned rocket launch.

“We must be clear and firm. This could take place this coming weekend,” Takasu noted.

Also, US President Barack Obama and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak discussed the issue on the sidelines of the G20 summit in London.

Pyongyang has announced that it intends to launch a satellite called Kwangmyongsong-2 into orbit between April 4 and April 8 as part of its space program.

The United States, South Korea and Japan, however, accuse the North of having intentions to test a long-range missile — the Taepodong-2 — capable of reaching some parts of US territory.

Washington has deployed two missile-interceptor ships to the region to monitor the launch of a North Korean long-range rocket.

North Korea has warned that any attempt to shoot the satellite down would be regarded as an act of war.

Pyongyang has also made clear that it will shoot major targets in Japan if Tokyo tries to shoot down its controversial satellite.

“If Japan recklessly ‘intercepts’ the DPRK’s satellite for peaceful purposes, the KPA will mercilessly deal deadly blows not only at the already deployed intercepting means but at major targets,” the North said in a statement

Meanwhile, Takasu declined to comment on whether a UN resolution would call for the enforcement of existing sanctions against Pyongyang.

UN Security Council Resolution 1718 was passed in 2006 to press the North to halt ballistic missile launches and its nuclear tests.

Sanctions against the country have been suspended since the North joined nuclear disarmament talks.

North Korea has so far displayed commitment to the talks by suspending its nuclear program and destroying its main cooling tower.

Differences with Washington and discomfort with joint US-South Korean military drills, however, have prompted Pyongyang to promise the resumption of its nuclear activities.

As far as its satellite is concerned, North Korea says the launch is within the provisions of international space exploration treaties.

Both Russia and China — permanent veto-wielding members of the UN Security Council — have said that they would not support the enforcement of existing sanctions against Pyongyang.


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